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Multimedia Resources

The CBG currently has three multipurpose lecture rooms each equipped with a projector and screen as well as video conferencing equipment.

Interactive Videoconference Network of the National Polytechnical Institute

Video conferencing allows a group of people located in remote locations to conduct meetings as if they were all in the same room. Participants can hear each other and can be seen in motion video and images of documents or computer files can be shared by the participants. A video conferencing system can provide all the presentation features and information exchanges that are possible in a face to face meeting.

A videoconferencing system is a tool, like a phone or a fax. However it also represents a strategic tool in a highly competitive information market. Indeed, sharing information effectively and economically is a prerequisite for survival in all areas of industry, business, government, education, and entertainment.


A Virtual Community (VC) is one or more groups of individuals linked by common interests, who have independent power and are commited to a process of continuous learning. Its main objective is to build shared knowledge using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT´s) as a means of expression, as a communication tool, as a teaching resource, and even as a management tool. IPN´s Vrtual Education Unit offers the Modular Portal tool to all of its community members, which guarantees the possibility of building virtual communities. This service requires filling out request. 


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